Mark of the Lion

Well, wouldn’t you know it we are still reading authors who attended the book festival.  One of my co-workers just finished reading Mark of the Lion by Suzanne Arruda.  This is the first book in the Jade del Cameron mysteries series.  It is about a girl who is an ambulance driver during WWI.  During the war Jade watches as her boyfriend is attacked in the air by another plane.  His dying request is for Jade to find his brother and investigate his father’s death.  This journey takes Jade to Africa.   I asked my co-worker what she thought of the novel, and her exact word to describe it was, “AWESOME!”.  In fact, she was so excited about this series that she had to have the second book immediately after finishing the first.  She said that Arruda’s novel was very well written, with no grammatical distractions.  As well as having a language that creates the most picturesque scenery, making the reader feel as if they too are in Africa.  It is a novel worth reading.

We have been adding books to purchase online at Biblio like mad these days.  If you are not a local Tucson viewer, or even if you are, be sure to check out our books online.  We have added several autographed copies from authors who attend the Tucson Festival of Books.

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One comment on “Mark of the Lion

  1. Please consider adding my romance novel, Rules of Engagement, published 15 October 2009. Thanks, MichaelP.S. I live in Tucson.

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