I just finished reading P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast’s young adult fantasy novel Marked.  This is the first book in their House of Night series, and I have to confess I really enjoyed it.  I was slightly apprehensive to start this series since it is about vampire boarding school.  However, the Casts took a new approach to the vampire genre by including elements of witchcraft.  In fact, a large portion of this book revolves around Zoey and her use of the five elements.  I thought this was an excellent twist for a vampire book.  In my opinion, it gave the vampires a richer background story .  I found it fascinating to hear about the goddess Nyx and the rituals the vampires in this story would perform in her honor. (Don’t worry, the rituals have been pretty harmless thus far, no human or animal sacrifices have been made.  However, the rituals do include the five elements* and pentagrams. )  I found Zoey’s stream of conscience entertaining, and yes, I did laugh out loud at times.  Overall, I found myself complete absorbed into the story and am eager to read the next book Betrayed.

*The five elements are:  Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit


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