Mystery Summer Reads

In preparation for your summer reading, here are a few of our favorites:

Tony Hillerman’s 17 mystery books are all being reissued this year.  Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee are police officers who work at solving murders in Northern Arizona and Eastern New Mexico on the Navajo reservation.  One of our favorites is A Thief of Time.  Combining native culture and superstitions, Hillerman weaves a story of current murders rooted in the ancient past.

Stuart Woods – Palindrome – If you love a great fast-paced mystery, this needs to be on your short list.  A woman goes to an island off the Atlantic coast to heal from an abusive relationship and meets twin brothers.  As she tries to start her life anew, a string of gruesome murders leads her to question her new lover and her life.  This book is being reissued over the summer.

Stuart Woods – Orchid Beach – The first in a series set in Orchid Beach, Florida featuring deputy chief of police, Holly Barker and her Doberman, Daisy.    As the outsider, Holly has no one to rely on except Daisy, an exceptionally intelligent and loyal companion and protector.   If you haven’t read Stuart Woods, this is a great one to start off your adventure.

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