Fiction Summer Reads

If you are looking for any great summer fiction reads, try some of these:

Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha– Sayuri is forced to become a geisha when her family can no longer afford to support her.  She then enters a world of competition and servitude.  This is such a well written novel that you feel every emotion that Sayuri goes through.  I also found it interesting to learn about the training and the culture surrounding geishas.

James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces (forget the controversy and read it).  Frey’s family sends him to rehab after his descent into drugs takes a another terrible turn.  He captures the feeling that an addict goes through perfectly, and writes so well that you never want to put the book down.  The sequel My Friend Leonard is written very differently and yet is also a great read.

Barbara Kingsolver’s The Bean Trees-Taylor gets trapped in Tucson, Az when her car breaks down.  The auto repair store that she takes her car to also happens to be a sanctuary for Central American refugees, and it doesn’t take long for Taylor to adopt a little girl.  Overall, this is just a fun read and a great story.  The fabulous sequel is Pigs in Heaven.

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