The Lace Reader

The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry was another wonderful tale.  Barry is able to create such realistic and complicated characters that are a joy to read.  I was really able to connect to the characters and watch how they grew throughout the story.  The character Towner goes back to her hometown of Salem to find her missing aunt.  While she is there another girl goes missing, and it is assumed that the two cases may be related.  Towner, who is a notoriously unreliable narrator, finds that once home she is forced to re-exam the past that she ran away from, and find a way to come to terms with it.  And, naturally since this story takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, there are witches and other fun supernatural aspects.  This was a delightful and exciting read.  I had a really hard time putting the book down, especially once I got to the last hundred pages.

And, if you enjoy this book, check out Barry’s second book The Map of True Places.  Both stories take place in Salem, and there are repeating characters in both stories.  You don’t need to read them in any order since they are not technically a series, just the same small town.  Check out our review of The Map for True Places on June 20th.

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