White Cat

Holly Black’s latest novel, White Cat, was just a great read and so different from every other fantasy  book right now.  I loved that she says on the dedication page, “for all the fictional cats I’ve killed in other books”;  finally, cats will prevail.  Well, it should be pretty apparent that a white cat is going to be a main character in this story, but it is also about a boy who, unlike his family, has no magical skills and is therefore not a curse worker.  Instead, he is desperately trying to be a “normal” kid.  This is rather hard to do since he may have murdered his best friend and his entire family is working for one of the big crime families.  Now he must uncover the truth about the day he committed murder and the secrets his family has been keeping.  One of my favorite things about this book was the way Cassel describes the cons he is planning, as well as the mistakes he makes during the con.  The crime mixed with magic gave this book a unique twist; it was a nice mix of modern world meets imagined world .  Black sets a great foundation for her newest series, and I am anxious to see where she takes it.  I am hoping we will get more background information on a few of the other characters that were introduced, as well as more magic and more mobster mayhem.


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