Sleeping with Schubert

If you’re looking for a local Tucson author to read, check out Sleeping with Schubert by Bonnie Marson.  I was talking to Sharon, one of our frequent shoppers, and she only had wonderful things to say about this book.  This novel is about the famous composer Franz Schubert’s spirit being reincarnated into a Brooklyn lawyer’s body, and the two having to share the space.  The good news is that Liza now finds that she is able to play the piano like never before, and has the ability to compose brilliant pieces of music.  Sharon found the reincarnation story fascinating.  She was particularly interested in the channeling of the two characters’ spirits.  I was also told that Marson was able to capture the turmoil of being two people living in one body perfectly.  This would be another great summer read.

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