My Soul To Take

I have just started reading the new series, Soul Screamers, by Rachel Vincent.  The first book in the series is My Soul To Take, and it was a breath of fresh air from all of the young adult vampire books that are currently out.  Instead, this series is about a sixteen year old girl who finds out she is a banshee, or to be more accurate a “bean sidhe” which is Gaelic for “woman of the faeries”.  Kaylee has been having premonitions of teen girls who are about to die.  The worst part is that her visions are coming true, and for some reason she has an urge to scream whenever a premonition occurs.  Thankfully, Nash has been able to calm her during the episodes, but more and more girls are dying for no apparent reason.  Kaylee knows that she must get to the bottom of this, and while she is trying to save her high school classmates she learns all about her family’s secrets.  I have to say I did enjoy this book; Vincent created a suspenseful tale that kept me turning the pages until the exciting conclusion.  I also like that her banshees worked together in pairs, male and female, in order to save souls.  I thought this was a nice addition to the banshee folklore.  Now, I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, My Soul to Save.


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