Reading Rules

Okay, here is something we all struggle with, how long do we have to read a book before we can officially say that it isn’t the book for us?  And of course, someone has actually come up with a way to determine the proper amount of pages for you to read.

Here is the rule – Subtract your age from 100. If the book isn’t good by the time you reach this number of pages, you can stop reading.  This is great because as you get older, you can commit to less pages!

Thanks to JC Martin for passing along Christopher Lehmann-Haupt’s rule for reading a book.  He was the New York Times lead reviewer for many years and came to the University of Arizona to give a seminar in book reviewing and JC attended.  Lehmann-Haupt said you had to give a book 75 pages and if it didn’t capture your interest, attention, or admiration by then, you were entitled to put it down.  I like this rule as you are not obligated to finish every book you pick up

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