Captive Queen

I recently devoured Alison Weir’s newest novel, Captive Queen; it is an excellent historical fiction piece about the famous, maybe even infamous, Eleanor of Aquitaine.  This novel focused on her life during her marriage to King Henry II of England.  Eleanor and Henry create one of the largest kingdoms of their time with their passionate marriage, but as the years continue their love soon turns to bitterness.  However, the two remain married for over thirty five years regardless of the torment they put each other through-although, an ambitious king would be reluctant to divorce the wealthiest heiress.  This book is full of history, betrayal, scandal, and rivalry, making it a very fun read.  Not to mention, Weir does a wonderful job of showing Eleanor as a strong and independent woman whose views are far too progressive for her time, and her husband Henry, as the proud and controlling king with a very traditional view of women.  What I loved about this book, was how easy it was to get swept up into the world of medieval  England.  Weir captures the time so well with her descriptions and language.  It was truely a delight to read.

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