Waking the Witch

I recently finished reading Kelley Armstrong’s newest novel, Waking the Witch, and have to say it was a fun book to read.  The story was full of witches and other paranormal beings, which always keeps thing a little more interesting.  This is the eleventh book in Armstrong’s Otherworld Series.  You don’t necessarily have to read all of the other books to appreciate the story, but past events were mentioned so it wouldn’t hurt to read the entire series in order.  This is  a coming of age story about a young witch, Savannah, trying to prove herself as a young supernatural PI.  Savannah takes on a case involving three murdered girls, and a rather strange town full of possible suspects.  It doesn’t take long to discover that this town is full of secrets.  Savannah is an entertaining character to read.  She is a bit full of herself, but for the most part knows her limits and knows when to ask for help.  However, she does have a tendency to make snide remarks, which I found to be rather amusing.  I would have liked a little more spell casting from the characters, but overall I enjoyed the book.


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