Bad Luck and Trouble

As you have probably gathered by now, I have several co-workers who are devouring all of Lee Child’s books.  One co-worker just finished reading Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child, and had nothing but wonderful things to say.  I have been told that this is a fantastic addition to the series because Child finally gives you more background information on Reacher.  In this book, Reacher has to find his missing elite military team members.  Out of the eight team members, four are missing and one has been murdered.  Reacher can’t figure out how the best of the best are being capture and murdered.  My co-worker enjoyed all of the unique ways that the characters would find to contact Reacher.  Being a man with no phone or address, he can be somewhat difficult to get a hold of.  Child takes you inside the darker side of human nature with his greedy and self-serving characters, and as always, keeps you turning the pages with the fast pace action.  This novel is filled with suspense, leaving you wondering what will happen next.

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