Plague Ship

Plague Ship by  Clive Cussler & Jack DuBrul

The adventurous duo is back together (Cussler & DuBrul) with a new Juan
Cabrillo/MV Oregon story.  I love the depth that DuBrul brings to the Cussler stories.  When this one started, I thought I’d read it before, but I guess there are only so many ways to break into a dry dock facility from the water.  The villains are all too believable in this day and age – a zealot who believes the world is getting over populated and decides to do something about it – with a twist a little “out there” – there is a parallel universe whose aliens control our thoughts – SO, no one is responsible for their own actions!  Fortunately for those who like their adventure without the science fiction, it’s just a mention here and there, not a main mover for the story.  For folk like me, who love science fiction, it was an added fillip to the story as a whole.  A very satisfying read; and contrary to most Cussler stories, the hero doesn’t get the girl, yay.  Better than the usual Cussler formula stories (but not as good a mystery as The Chase).  Cabrillo and his crew are much better developed characters than Pitt or Austin and their respective sidekicks, which only add to the stories.

Thanks Nancy for your review!

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