The White Tiger

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

Written from the perspective of a former driver, now entrepreneur, this tale of India is both entertaining and disturbing. Starting in the Darkness; the interior of India where landlords still rule, every aspect of life is controlled, and children are sold into servitude; continuing to Delhi and then Bangalore, the main character, Balram, is writing a letter to the Premier of China. He is trying to explain all the things that the government of India will not show him on his visit. The poverty throughout is devastating. The caste system still exists and (unless you are willing to kill your master) no one can escape it. As the story unfolds, Balram explains why he had to kill his master and makes excuses for the murder, bribes and all the other things he does on his way to success. The White Tiger won the Booker award for fiction and many book groups are reading it. It was a quick read but much of it, will stay with me.

Thanks Tricia!

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