The Titan’s Curse

The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan is the third book in the Percy Jackson series.  In this book, Percy gets a distress call from his friend Grover and prepares himself for battle.  Once he meets up with Grover he learns of the discovery of two new powerful half-bloods, as well as learning that Kronos has kidnapped the goddess Artemis.  Now, Percy must find Artemis  before the winter solstice so that she can help influence the Olympian Counsel when they vote on the Titan war issue.  On top of looking for the missing goddess, Percy must also help track down the monster that Artemis was hunting before something devastating happens.   Once again, this is an action packed story where the suspense will have you frantically turning the pages.  I have been told that this is a bit darker story than the first two books in the series.  However, Riordan still found a way to make the tale humorous .


Elephant and Piggie

If you are looking for  a book to read with your preschooler or even up to your third grader, check out some of Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie books.  They are just great little stories.

Pigs Make Me Sneeze!

In this story, Gerald is convinced that he is allergic to Piggie.  Well, this just can not be.  Gerald sets out for the doctor where he thankfully learns that he only has a cold.  Now he can remain friends with Piggie.  Poor Gerald works himself into a panic that is sure to have your kids snickering along.  In fact, I found it hard to not smile and smirk while reading this book.

Can I Play Too?

Gerald and Piggie decided that they want to play catch.  As they are getting read to play, a new friend appears and wants too play as well.  Gerald and Piggie are a bit hesitant since their new friend is a snake, (whose has no arms!).  After several failed attempts, the three find a way where they can all play.  Once again, this is sure to bring smiles and giggles as you read the tale.  The illustrations are just perfect for the story.  They are simple, but still manage to convey the appropriate emotions.  A wonderful read.

Order Online Books from Mostly Books

Check out our newly remodeled store website.  The address has changed to, but our old web address will redirect you.  At our new site you can now purchase books or e-books (formatted for all e-readers) online. You are also able to see our current events for the store and find out what the staff of Mostly Books has been reading.  We are very excited for our new site, and hope you have a chance to take a peak.

Don’t forget, we will be having our second book discussion of the month tomorrow at 1pm.  We will be discussing Harper Lee’s novel To Kill A Mockingbird.

Hunger Games Trilogy

The Hunger Games trilogy  by Suzanne Collins is a futuristic story that takes place on what use to be North America.  In this world the rich live a life of luxury and the poor are fighting to survive.  In order to maintain control of society the Capitol forces all children between the ages of 12 and 18 into a lottery.  If your name is drawn from the lottery then you must enter the Hunger Games, which is a fight to the death.  Now Katniss has been selected to enter the Hunger Games.

One of our frequent shoppers read the trilogy with her daughter, and overall they both loved the story.  Collins’ writing makes it easy for the reader to slip into her world and image yourself there.  Our shoppers absolutely loved the first book, and they found the second and third book to be just as intense, perhaps even more.  However, they had mixed feelings on the ending of the second book.  They had hoped to have several questions answered by the end of the second book, but instead they had to quickly grab the third to find out.  This is a great trilogy to read, even if you’re no longer a juvenile. (Books in order Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay.)

Deadly Appraisal

If you enjoy antiques and mysteries, then be sure to check out Deadly Appraisal by Jane K. Cleland.  Josie is soon searching for a murderer when someone dies at the Black and Gold Gala that is being held at her auction house.  My co-worker said this novel is Antique Roadshow meets a mystery, and it was fabulous.  In fact she had to take home another Josie Prescott book as soon as she finished reading this one.  Evidently, the reader is introduced to enough “red herring” characters to keep you guessing until the end.  I always enjoy a mystery more when I don’t know who the killer is.  Cleland’s writing is great and her characters are very likable, all and all adding up for a fun read.

November Book Discussions

November should be a very exciting month for Mostly Books since we will be celebrating our 22nd anniversary.  We hope everyone will stop in on November 6th to help us celebrate!  It is sure to be a fun day filled with several author signing, food, and yes, a book discussion.  On the 6th we will be discussing the non-fiction piece Vanished Smile:  The Mysterious Theft of Mona Lisa by R. A. Scotti.  As always, this will be held at 1pm here at the store.  Be sure to stop in and chat about this incredible theft and how the Mona Lisa went missing for two years.  A great true crime read.

On November 20th we will be reading a fiction novel entitled The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga.  This tale takes place in India and is about the class separation within the society, and one man’s quest to tell others about the harsh truths.

Don’t forget, we will be reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee on October 16th and Covet by J. R. Ward on October 30th.  Everyone is welcome and we begin at 1pm.

Through A Glass, Deadly

One of our frequent shoppers just finished reading Sarah Atwell’s Through A Glass, Deadly. This is a mystery that is centered around the art of glassblowing.  This book has some fun information about the craft, so if you are at all interested in glassblowing consider this novel.  However, there are a few graphic murder scenes, so be prepared.  I have been told that occasionally the plot seemed to be a bit too perfect, for instance the press never finds out about the mystery, but it is worth reading for the art.   The other really great thing about this book is that it is set here in Tucson, and who doesn’t enjoy a good Tucson tale?