Wherever You Go, There You Are

I have always loved the title Wherever You Go, There You Are but haven’t read it until recently.  Everyone these days seems to be interested in stress reduction and achieving inner peace.  Kabat-Zinn covers the principles of mindfulness (the ancient Buddhist method of stress reduction) fully.

He does a good job of combining science, stories and practical advice on letting go, being mindful daily and staying in the present moment.  He gives instructions and exercises on being fully within the moment from cleaning the kitchen to walking upstairs.

There is also a section on trust and how to learn to be more open and honest, one on being grounded and living a simpler life.
He gives many, many different types of mediation and how to do each.  You can find the one that will work for you.
He  is also the author of Full Catastrophe Living.

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Thanks Tricia!


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