Night Watch

Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko is the first book in in the Night Watch series.  The story takes place in modern day Moscow, Russia where two organizations are trying to keep the balance between good, and evil.  The Night Watch organization watches over the Dark Ones to insure that the treaty between the Light and Dark Ones remains followed and that the balance continues.  The Day Watch in turn watches over the Light Ones for the very same reason.  Naturally, your Dark Ones are your evil creatures such as, vampires, shape-shifters, withes, dark magicians, etc.  The Light Ones are still magical beings, or Others, but they are fighting for the side of good.  Anton, are reluctant hero, is an Other who works for the Night Watch.  Typically, he works with analyzing data and is not out in the field keeping track of the Dark Ones, but now the boss has decided it is time for Anton to get his feet wet.  While out on his first mission, Anton discovers a girl with a very powerful dark vortex over her head.  The vortex means doom not only for the girl, but for the world for it would tip the balance towards evil.  Anton soon sets out to help save the girl.  The story is divided up into three different missions that Anton takes on and each one builds off the previous story.  I really liked this aspect of the book.  It was fun to see the different types of magical characters and different problems that came up.  The overall story is quite complex and it will be interesting to see where Lukyanenko takes the series in the next book, Day Watch (although I am sure this will be the story form the Dark Ones perspective which should be fun.)

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