Bodhisattva: How To Be Free, Teachings to Guide You Home

Nicole Grace’s newest book, Bodhisattva: How To Be Free, Teachings to Guide You Home, is a vivid and intensely inspiring work.  Within the pages of this book you will find over 60 verses of transformative poetry that have the power to open your eyes to rich and vibrant understandings about the world within which we live.  Written in an informal and very personal tone, no verse is overwrought with poetic formality that might otherwise obscure the clarity of her message.  Rather, each teaching is revealed in a very direct and natural communication.

As you read, her voice becomes your own voice, and you suddenly are seeing the world through shining eyes that perceive only the brightest and most beautiful possibilities:  A trapped wasp is no longer simply an annoying, and perhaps threatening, pest, but a fellow seeker searching for freedom from the bonds of suffering.  One of the beautiful things about this transformation is that it occurs with such a subtle grace and ease.  Never do you feel like you are pushed into understanding a metaphor or teaching with heavy handed language and analogies, but rather you are allowed to witness its unfolding as you would a flower, leaving you with the feeling “How else could it have ever possibly been?”.

Those who’ve read and enjoyed Ms. Grace’s earlier book, Mastery at Work, will find the same deep spiritual waters in Bodhisattva.  As with the former book, reading the later reinvigorates your sense of purpose, meaning and interconnectedness to the world around you.  It puts a fire in your belly and arms you with tools to take on the harsh day-to-day press of existing in the modern world while maintaining a  sense of balance, beauty and gratitude.

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