Cozy Mysteries

The Diva Takes the Cake by Krista Davis:  Sophie’s sister is getting married, which  in its own is enough drama but soon Sophie finds herself investigating a murder.  This is a fun and cute cozy mystery to read.  Sophie’s family drama is sure to have you entertained with all of their quirky manners. This is a quick, easy read that is just perfect for a day when you want to get lost in a book.

Sheer Folly by Carola Dunn:  Set in the exciting time of the roaring 20’s.  Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher sets out to photograph Appsworth Hall with the intention of having a productive day.  However, things drastically change when the hall explodes killing Lord Rydal.  Now Daisy has to uncover the murderer.  This is another fun cozy mystery.  Daisy’s mother is incredibly disappointed in Daisy for not fitting into the current flapper outfits, for a marring a common detective (which is so far below Daisy’s status), and for actually working.  No respectable woman works!  The interactions between mother and daughter are sure to keep you reading.  Another delightful read that will have you smirking.

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