Love You Hate You Miss You

Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott is a wonderfully written young adult novel that examines some of the social and emotional issues that kids are facing today.  Amy has spent the summer in rehab overcoming her issues with alcohol as well as the death of her best friend.  Now she is headed back to school alone and with everyone staring at her.  She knows she will never fit in and make friends, so she decides to write letters to her deceased friend.  As her letters continue, Amy finds that the past  may not have been as rosy pink as she initially remembered, and the future may actually turn out to be okay.  Scott does a great job portraying the emotions of grief, anger, and guilt that Amy goes through after her friend dies in a terrible car crash.  I especially loved the portions of the story that were letters written to her friend.  I found it interesting to see how Amy was working her new life out in  letters and trying hard to continue with her old life.  The social topics that are brought up in this novel are tough to discuss, but this book is a great start in having a dialog with your teen.

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