Christmas Stories

The Night Before the Night Before Christmas by Natash Wing is a wonderfully funny holiday story.  This children’s book keeps with the traditional cadence of The Night Before Christmas, but adds many new humorous events since technically it is December 23rd and not the 24th.  The tale also includes delightful and entertaining illustrations by Mike Lester.  In this book, the family is still getting ready  for Christmas and are busy buying gifts, decorating and overcoming all of the disasters that go along with holiday preparations.  This is a must read for the holiday season, and is sure to have the whole family smirking as you read it.

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Arizona by local author Jennifer J. Stewart and illustrated by Lynne Avril is another must read for the season.  Once again, this children book keeps with the original cadence, but all of the gifts are a Southwest theme.  The other great thing about this book, is that not only do you get the Twelve Days of Christmas story, but you also get to read fun letters from Isabella to her parents as she experiences her first Arizona Christmas with her cousin Carlos.  Filled with fun trivia from around the state, this is a great gift for any non-Southwestern and even for those of us living here in the Southwest.

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