Growing Up Laughing: My Story and the Story of Funny

Marlo Thomas’ Growing Up Laughing:  My Story and the Story of Funny is exactly what the title claims.  Thomas tells the reader about her life and growing up being the daughter of comedian Danny Thomas.  It was a daily occurrence for her to see people like George Burns, Bob Hope, Sid Ceasar, and many others.  Not to mention viewing a hotel as home with room service.  Needless to say, this autobiography is filled with fun stories about her life and the people in it.

Another great thing about this book is that Thomas interviews different comedians and shares her findings in the beginning of each chapter.  While she is talking about the interview she explains what makes people laugh, which isn’t always a one line joke.  This is a wonderfully well written book that is sure to tell you about growing up with famous parents and keep laughing as you read.

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Left Neglected

Left Neglect is coming out in hardback January 2011, but we were luck enough to get an advance copy.  Here is what we thought of it.

Lisa Genova’s newest novel Left Neglect is a wonderful read that examines the hardships and determination one woman has after suffering a terrible brain injury.  This is a fictional piece that has been based on actual events.

Sarah is a high-powered business woman who also has a family to take care of.  Her and her husband both work long hours everyday,and rely on a nanny to take care of the children, but overall her life seems to be going exactly as she planned. Until one fateful day when she is in a terrible car accident.  After the accident, Sarah’s entire left side of her brain turns off.  Things that were once so simple, like reading the newspaper, become a challenge when her left eye is unable to read.  Now, Sarah must pick-up the pieces and re-learn how to function.  Her determination pushes her forward, and along the way she learns that some the best things in life, were things that she was once taking for granted.  Don’t get discouraged by the seriousness of the subject, or be afraid that it will be too depressing to finish; in fact you may find yourself staying up late to find out what happens.  Once again Genova gives us an incredibly well written book that is filled with information on brain trauma.  The reader really gets into the mind of the characters and understands their struggle and joy.

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