Black Lagoon Series

The Teacher from the Black Lagoon:  It is the first day of school and the narrator is so nervous to meet his teacher.  As he waits for his teacher a green monster walks in, and wouldn’t you know it, that is his teacher-yikes.  Soon, Mrs. Green starts eating her students when they don’t behave, and things just keep getting worst.  But, wait it was all a dream and in walks the real Mrs. Green and she is so much nicer than the imagined one.

The Librarian form the Black Lagoon:  Today the class is visiting the library, and the students have only been told scary stories about the previous students’ visits.  For instants, the shelves might electrocute you and all of the books are bolted down.  The librarian is very frighting as well.  Her feet will stamp “Over Due” all over you and she reads magazines like “Morticians Monthly”. But, wait the library is really a fun place filled with all kinds of story books and joke books.  Hurray, it isn’t a terrible place to go.

This is a really cute and fun series to read with your preschool up to fourth grader.  The illustrations are as funny as the story.  It is pretty clear that the narrator has quite the imagination and has heard some outlandish stories about school.  Overall, a delightful and entertaining read.

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