Eighth Grade Bites

One of our young adult customers stopped in and was telling us how great The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod are to read.  Bo is a 14 year old who just finished reading Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer.  He said his friend recommended it to him so he decided to give it a try, and once he did he was unable to put it down.  In fact, he read the first book in two days and was pleading with his mother to go out and get the second book when we talked to him.  Eighth Grade Bites is the story of Vladimir Tod, or Vlad, who is a half human half vampire boy.  Vlad is not only dealing with the typical teenage issues, bullies, girlfriends, etc, but he is also dealing with being a vampire.  To make matters worst, people are starting to get suspicious about him and he is being hunted by a vampire killer.  Bo found the struggle between being human and being a vampire to be incredible engaging and said that this is a great young adult vampire series to read.

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