Dead Witch Walking

It is time to start reading up on the authors who will be attending the Tucson Festival of Books.  I decided to start off by reading a paranormal/fantasy novel by Kim Harrison and I really loved it.  In fact, I am terrible upset that I have to wait for the second book in The Hollows series to arrive.

The first book is titled Dead Witch Walking.  Rachel Morgan (an earth witch) has been working for the I. S. agency for several years.  Her job is to tag, or apprehend, criminal Inderlands and  bring them into the agency, but lately she has been feeling under appreciated.  She decides it is time to break from her contract and start her own bounty hunter agency.  This seems like a perfect plan since her boss would be tickled to see her go, but then things start to go awry when Ivy (a vampire and excellent bounty hunter) and Jenks (a pixie backup agent) decided to join Rachel.  Now Rachel has a bounty on her head and the entire I. S. agency after her.  The only way to pay off her contract is to bring in the biggest baddest criminal.  The story is filled with mishaps and new problems for Rachel to overcome.  I loved the relationship between Rachel and her partners, especially between her and Ivy.  Harrison did a great job of showing the perils of living with a vampire and how easy it is for mannerisms to be misinterpreted.  The book was also filled with action keeping you turning the pages and unable to set it down.  This is a great paranormal read and I can’t wait to meet Harrison at the festival.

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