The Return of Ixtab

If you are looking for a good mystery with a little science fiction in the background, give The Return of Ixtab by Robert Zitella a try. This book will be out in February (in paperback), but we were lucky enough to get to read it in advance.

It is getting close to 2012 and most people seem unconcerned with the Mayan’s prediction of doom.  Even Steve seems relaxed with the end of the world rapidly approaching.  Well, at least he was feeling fine until his girlfriend becomes a target for an assassination.  The more he tries to understand why someone would want to kill his girlfriend, the more he realizes that he is some how linked to an unstable tech billionaire.  While all of this is happening, Zitella has added a parallel story line about a warrior-prince trying to uncover the mysteries of the glowing rock and another clan’s magic ability.  Both stories are connected to the Mayan prophecy and are headed to an exciting end.  What was fun about this story is that you don’t really know much about the warrior-prince’s culture or even which civilization is being portrayed until the end.  It is clear that the mystery culture has stories about the end of the world as well as the modern civilization, so you know that the 2012 prophecy plays in some how.

This books is incredibly compelling right up to the end since Zitella doesn’t give his readers any dull moments.  The two story lines are very well done.  As a reader  you have no problem switching between times and stories.  Overall, Zitella does a  fabulous job creating an interesting, well written mystery novel.

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