Susan Cummins Miller’s newest novel Fracture is sure to have you glued to the pages.  This is her latest book featuring geologist Frankie MacFarlane.  Frankie and Philo have planned a nice, quiet vacation where they can just  escape everything.  That is until Philo’s aunt is murdered and all eyes turn to the husband Derek Dain as the prime suspect.  Soon the duo find out that Dain’s highly valuable coin collection is missing, and the quest begins.  Frankie and Philo travel all over Tucson and soon end up in San Francisco, California with even more of Philo’s family secrets being discovered.  This is another great read by Miller.  The characters are fun to read and the suspense is sure to have you staying up late into the night.  Don’t forget, Miller will be signing at our booth March 12 at 10 AM at the Tucson Festival of Books.  If you are looking for a TFOB author to read, or just craving a new mystery writer,  consider a Susan Cummins Miller’s novel.  She is a favorite of ours.

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