Lost Symbol

Trivia question answered at the end of the post.

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown is filled with historical detail, symbolism, and fun tidbits.  This is a follow up thriller novel to The Da Vinci Code featuring Robert Langdon and all of his symbologist wisdom.  Robert is frantically chasing clues around Washington D. C. in order to find his missing mentor.  My co-work absolutely loved all of the information that Brown includes in his novel.  She was especially please with his  wonderful descriptions and details about the Library of Congress and the plethora of books contained within; the book retrieval system is fascinating to learn about.  Brown also includes great symbolism and history in regards to the Washington Monument as well as other monuments located around the city.  Needless to say, the realism and detail that is found in the novel was my co-workers favorite part of the book.  However, there is still plenty of action to keep you turning the page throughout the novel.

Answer:  Henry David Thoreau

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