Count Down to TFOB – 8 Days Remain

We are gearing up for the festival and have decided to start a count down to the big weekend.  Our blogs will be about the authors who will be signing in our booth; all books will be available in our booth.  Here are the first three by time.

Local mystery author and geologist Susan Cummins Miller will be signing her Frankie MacFarlane newest novel Fracture, as well as any other novels that you would like signed.  Saturday 10 AM

Urban fantasy and young adult author Charles de Lint will be signing his newest novel Painted Boy.  This novel is sure to be a fun local read since it takes place in southwest Arizona.  He is also well known for wonderful and magical short stories in the fictional city of Newford.  Saturday 10:15 AM

Local author and historical novelist Jude Johnson will be signing her trilogy set in the Arizona territory during the turn of the last century.  Her trilogy follows Welsh immigrants and their lives, giving us a unique perspective to the Arizona mining history.  Saturday 11:00 AM

Check our site for all the signing for March 12th and 13th.


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