The Psychopath Test

The Psychopath Test:  A Journey Through the Madness Industry by Jon Ronson was an incredible fascinating read.  This non-fiction book looks at the experiments that were once created to identify a psychopath.  Often the experiments are now considered illegal to perform, such as giving the subject a countdown to an electric shock.  However, much was learned from this beginning research.  Ronson finds in his search that most psychopaths have abnormal amygdalas causing them to react differently to tragedy or pain.  They don’t have  the feelings that trauma usually invokes.  The book looks at the Hale test, which is the official test used today to determine if a person is a psychopath or has psychopath tendencies, giving examples of the questions asked and the process involved in both administering the examine and taking it.  Ronson also looks at CEO’s and other people in power to determine if they are psychopaths.   Overall, this book was just filled with interesting information and would be great for any true-crime fan to read, as well as anyone else interested in psychology.  Ronson’s book will be out May 12th.


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