Agent X

Agent X by Noah Boyd is the second book featuring ex-FBI agent Steve Vail.  This one really lets you dive into the characters’ lives and learn more about their past and overall personality.  Vail was suppose to be done with the FBI.  He found he couldn’t work in the confines of the Bureau and instead turn to brick-laying as a career.  He was called back to help the FBI on one case in the past, but that was all it was to be.  However, it seems the FBI need his unique talents once again.  This time an officer from the Russian embassy, called Calculus,  claims to have a list of American’s who are selling confidential information and all of the clues are leading to an Agent X.  Vail has to quickly decipher all of the codes that Calculus gives him in order to uncover the mystery agent.  Boyd once again fills his book with action and suspense making you rapidly turn the pages.  This book was also incredible enjoyable since it brings back the old Cold War feel and has several branches of the government working together.  It was also fun to read about all of the technology that the agents would use to track down the mystery man.  This was a great follow up to Bricklayer, and we would even go so far as to say it was even better.

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