The Shadow Princess

Indu Sundaresan’s latest novel The Shadow Princess is another great historical fiction read about 17th century India.  This book picks up where The Feast of Roses ends and the new emperor has taken the throne.  After the death of his beloved wife, Shah Jahan decides that he will build the most beautiful tomb for her final resting place; known as the Taj Mahal.  While he mourns his wife, Shah Jahan finds that he starts to rely heavily on his oldest daughter, Jahanara, and even gives her the head female position in his imperial harem.  It doesn’t take him long to realize that he can not rule with out his daughter’s level head and stability.  However, this means that Jahanara has to put aside her dreams of marriage, all the while trying to keep the country together and her brothers at peace.  I loved how each chapter began with an except from a historical text that was later revealed in the fictional chapter.  Sunaresan did a fabulous job of making the history come to life.  It was also fun to read about the building of the Taj Mahal.  This wasn’t the main focus of the book, but you were given little tid-bits of information on the construction of this incredible tomb.  My only complaint was that this book lacked the fiery passion and deviousness of court that the first two books had (of course Jahanara’s circumstances were quite different than Mehrunnisa’s).  If you enjoy historical novels, Sundaresan is a amazing author and a must read.  You can tell from her novels that she has done her research thoroughly before writing, and her fiction fills in the gaps perfectly.

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One comment on “The Shadow Princess

  1. Grace says:

    The book sounds fascinating.

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