Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods  by Melissa de La Cruz is a highly addictive teen fantasy read.  Schuyler Van Alen is your typical teen outcast who is struggling to find her place in an incredible uppity private school in Manhattan.  Her family was once the most powerful and influential families in New York City, but now all that remains from the fortune is the family name.  Things suddenly start to change when Jack Force, the most popular boy in school, starts to talk to her and she gets an invitation to the most prestigious  group in Manhattan.  Oh, and lets not forget about her classmate that mysteriously dies and the fact that all of the socialites of Manhattan are vampires.  I thought de La Cruz did an excellent job on her vampire mythology.  She made the “creatures of the night” much more complex then other novels have and really captivates the reader with their history.  It was such a refreshing twists that she is sure to standout in the genre.  The historical information about the settlers on Plymouth Rock was also interesting to read and gave the book just one more level of depth.  I loved that de La Cruz mixed her writing format up by including letters from the settlers into her story.  It was such a great way to keep readers engaged.  I enjoyed Schuyler’s character; sure she is a teenage girl, but she isn’t whiny or overly self-involved.  Instead, she is independent, resourceful, and driven to find the truth.  Needless to say, as soon as I finished the first book I was rushing out to get the second so I could find out what happens.

If you would like more reviews on this series, check our website ( under goodreads and authors.

I recently had the opportunity to meet Melissa de La Cruz at the book expo in New York City last week and it was wonderful.  She took the time to talk to each of her fans during her book signing and write a personal note with her autograph.  It was just great to see an author who is excited and engaged with each fan.


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  1. this month MLDC released sixth book The lost in time 😀 Don’t miss it love it!

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