Book Discussion Reminders

Don’t forget, this Saturday (June 4th) at 1 PM we will be discussing Melissa De La Cruz’s novel, Blue Bloods.  This is a young adult paranormal/fantasy book that is about teens awakening to their vampire selves.  Taking place in Manhattan, this book is filled with fashion, drama, and a fun new look at the history of vampires.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  (If you would like to read our review on this book as well as several others in the series, click here).

June 18th we will be talking about James Rollins’s thriller novel, Doomsday Key.  This is an action packed adventure that mixes technology, science, and suspense.

July 16th we will be discussing the novel The Map of True Places by Brunonia Barry.  This is a general fiction book that is about a woman who heads back to Salem, MA to help take care of her father.  While home, she rediscovers herself and her roots.  This is a fabulous look at Salem culture, Nathaniel Hawthorne, navigating ships, and witches.  (As a side note, I absolutely loved this novel!)

Currently, we will not be having a book group meet the weekend before July 4th.

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