Allison Courtney Moulton’s debut novel Angelfire is an exciting beginning to her new series.  Ellie is your typical teenage girl who is dealing with school, college applications, and her social life; until she meets Will.  Now she learns that she is the Preliator, the one person who is destine to level the playing field between heaven and hell by killing the reapers who are in Lucifer’s army.  If that isn’t enough to try to cope with, Ellie also learns that she has been doing this for centuries in her past lives, she is just unable to remember her true identity at the moment.

I really like Ellie’s magical abilities and am excited to see where Moulton takes the character.  She is defiantly an amazing warrior and is sure to become even more exciting to read as the series progresses.  The angel mythology was interesting to read about and I really enjoyed the flashbacks that Ellie had of her previous lives.  It was fun to learn how she became the person she is now.  My only complaint for this novel is that some parts felt a bit drawn out and would have flowed better with more action.  Moulton had great fight scenes, but there seemed to be too much time in-between battles.  I am hoping that the next book will focus more on the story and less on Ellie and Will getting reacquainted.  That being said, I still found myself unable to walk away from this book and I did enjoy the story.


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