Witches of East End

Witches of East End is Melissa de La Cruz’s first adult paranormal romance novel.  Previously, we have known and loved her young adult series such as Blue Bloods and Au Pairs, and now we can continue to love another series.  In this novel we meet Joanna and her two daughters Ingrid and Freya.  All three are immortal beings with magical gifts who, unfortunately, have been banned from using their talents in the human world.  Of course, things are starting to change and the women are growing restless after centuries without their magic.  Before long, all three are using their magic in the small town of North Hampton and hoping that the higher-ups don’t smite them.  Problems arise when a man is murdered and a young girl goes missing.  Soon, all of the townspeople  are looking at the three women who seem to be helping people but may in fact be witches practicing black magic.

Overall I enjoyed this book, especially the last 80 pages when all of the action and plot started to come together.    De La Cruz always does an amazing job of leading up to the next book; I always finish her books wanting to know more about the story.  Her mythology was a nice twist  and I am hoping the other books look at the women’s pasts a bit more.  Another stregngth of De La Cruz, is her talent to weave the characters’ past lives slowly into their current lives.  My one complaint is that I wanted more interaction in the beginning between the three characters.  Each one went about their own life completely separate from their family members.  At times, I felt like I was reading three different books.  Towards the end the three women started coming together and I am hopeful that the next book will have them solving problems together, or least have more daily interactions.  And needless to say, I do plan to read the next one as soon as she has finished writing it.

We were luck enough to get an advance copy of this book while we were at the book expo in May, but don’t worry it will be out June 21st-get your pre-order in now.


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