Turn of Mind

Alice LaPlante’s debut novel Turn of Mind is incredible.  This is the story of Dr. Jennifer White’s descent in to Alzheimers and the murder of her friend and neighbor, Amanda.  Jennifer is starting to have trouble recognizing her friends and family.  She finds herself easily slipping into the past, and just as easily slipping into a present that makes no sense.  Now she is the prime suspect for Amanda’s murder, but no one is able to figure out if she did it due to her failing memory.

This book is written from Jennifer’s perspective as well as from her journal entries.  It was fascinating to learn the story in this method and so well executed.  The police’s attempt to uncover the murderer was such an intriguing aspect of the novel, as were the dynamics between the characters.  The timeline does jump around a bit to highlight the effects of Alzhiemers, but was in no way confusing.  LaPlante has done such an excellent job with this novel that it is hard to believe it is her first.  We can’t wait to see what she writes next.

Order this as an E-book from mostlybooskaz.com, otherwise feel free to stop in the store for a copy or order the hardback from the above mentioned website.


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