Local Author Gracie Roberts

Here is an excerpt from local author Gracie Roberts’ mystery novel Mortuary School.

~ “Listen”, I started.

“No, you listen,” Detective Erickson cut me off. “Everyone around you ends up dead, Jake!”  He leaned forward screaming, “What am I supposed to think!”  Detective Erickson opened a file and continued harshly, “First, it’s Chantel Voss, and you were possibly the last one who spoke to her.” He continued down a list of names.  “Then it was your boss’s neighbor, Mr. Jenkins.” “I didn’t know him personally”, I tried interjecting.  Detective Erickson continued without pausing, ‘Then there was the attack on Mr. Patricio, and you just happened”, he held
his fingers up in quotations when he said the words ‘just happend’ to be at the shop.  “Then there’s the guy at the morque, who you happened to have a bad run-in with.”  “Who’s next Jake!” He snapped the file shut. ~

Stop in the store to get your autographed copy today.

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