MEETING BY Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Where has this author (science fiction) been all this time?  This is a delightful story of a young girl who accidentally bonded with an alien symbiote; their growing friendship and trust; and the troubles she has in trying to mix with other children her age who are either imbued with magic or “normal”.  It is fixed in a short span of time and the characters are excellently drawn.  Little brother Peter has his good and bad moments as a pest or trusted brother.  The aliens we meet are bonded with other symbiotes as well; and are believable.  There is reference to bad guys but only glancing, they only come out once in a non violent way.  This author is definitely good for more reading; I’m glad she has more for me to enjoy.  The younger crowd will enjoy this and there isn’t anything objectionable to the parents.

Thanks Nancy for your review!


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