Jane Fonda: The Private Life of a Public Person

Jane Fonda:  The Private Life of a Public Person by Patrica Bosworth was an incredibly interesting read and such a unique look at the person we thought we all knew.  Bosworth focuses on how vulnerable and eager to please Fonda was.  Her mother wanted a boy and never failed to make her feel less important than her brother, causing Fonda to have low self-esteem and the urge to do everything to please her parents in the hopes of being loved.  As Fonda grew-up she surround herself with people in an attempt to find the love and approval  that was missing in her childhood.  Bosworth really looks at all of the relationships that impacted Fonda and shows you a  side that was never before seen in movies.  This was a very well written and researched biography that made for a eye-opening read.

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