MEETING BY Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Where has this author (science fiction) been all this time?  This is a delightful story of a young girl who accidentally bonded with an alien symbiote; their growing friendship and trust; and the troubles she has in trying to mix with other children her age who are either imbued with magic or “normal”.  It is fixed in a short span of time and the characters are excellently drawn.  Little brother Peter has his good and bad moments as a pest or trusted brother.  The aliens we meet are bonded with other symbiotes as well; and are believable.  There is reference to bad guys but only glancing, they only come out once in a non violent way.  This author is definitely good for more reading; I’m glad she has more for me to enjoy.  The younger crowd will enjoy this and there isn’t anything objectionable to the parents.

Thanks Nancy for your review!

Trivia Question

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The Penderwicks at Point Mouette

The Penderwicks at Point Mouette by Jean Birdsall

Join the Penderwick family in a rollicking heartwarming adventure in Maine.  The cottage is a cozy bungalow set on the coast with an amazing neighbor who is the biggest surprise of the summer.  The three sisters learn about seals, first love and music while enjoying the company of their friend Jeffrey whose mother finally lets him join the family on vacation.

Excellent reading for students, teachers, and anyone who enjoys a good story.

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JA Jance – Betrayal of Trust

When the governor of the state of Washington asks him to investigate a snuff film found on her grandson’s phone, J. P. Beaumont, no stranger to human depravity, is shocked by this horrific crime and discovers that this murder has much wider implications.

Another in the long, thrilling Beaumont series. Don’t miss this one.

Also, try one of Jance’s bestsellers in the Joanna Brady, Ali Reynolds or Walker family series.

Local Author Gracie Roberts

Here is an excerpt from local author Gracie Roberts’ mystery novel Mortuary School.

~ “Listen”, I started.

“No, you listen,” Detective Erickson cut me off. “Everyone around you ends up dead, Jake!”  He leaned forward screaming, “What am I supposed to think!”  Detective Erickson opened a file and continued harshly, “First, it’s Chantel Voss, and you were possibly the last one who spoke to her.” He continued down a list of names.  “Then it was your boss’s neighbor, Mr. Jenkins.” “I didn’t know him personally”, I tried interjecting.  Detective Erickson continued without pausing, ‘Then there was the attack on Mr. Patricio, and you just happened”, he held
his fingers up in quotations when he said the words ‘just happend’ to be at the shop.  “Then there’s the guy at the morque, who you happened to have a bad run-in with.”  “Who’s next Jake!” He snapped the file shut. ~

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Turn of Mind

Alice LaPlante’s debut novel Turn of Mind is incredible.  This is the story of Dr. Jennifer White’s descent in to Alzheimers and the murder of her friend and neighbor, Amanda.  Jennifer is starting to have trouble recognizing her friends and family.  She finds herself easily slipping into the past, and just as easily slipping into a present that makes no sense.  Now she is the prime suspect for Amanda’s murder, but no one is able to figure out if she did it due to her failing memory.

This book is written from Jennifer’s perspective as well as from her journal entries.  It was fascinating to learn the story in this method and so well executed.  The police’s attempt to uncover the murderer was such an intriguing aspect of the novel, as were the dynamics between the characters.  The timeline does jump around a bit to highlight the effects of Alzhiemers, but was in no way confusing.  LaPlante has done such an excellent job with this novel that it is hard to believe it is her first.  We can’t wait to see what she writes next.

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