Sweet Talk

Sweet Talk by Susan Mallery is the first book in a trilogy centered around the Keyes sisters. Claire, one portion of a set of twins, has been separated from her twin sister and younger sister for years due to being a prodigy piano player. Early in her life, Claire was whisked away to attend special schools and travel around performing; consequently having very little real life experience. She has never had a steady boyfriend, learned how to boil water, or really even driven that much. Her life is starting to change when her twin Nicole becomes ill and needs, whether asked for or not, help. Things between the sisters are rocky at best. Each one holds some form of resentment for the others and have had very little contact in years. Now, they are all three forced together and will have to confront issues long buried.
This was a great laid back read. If you are looking for a book that will end happily, have enough drama to entertain you, a good romance story, and be a quick read, then this is the book for you. It was enjoyable and I found myself wanting to continue the drama in the next book so that I can see where the sisters end up.

We will also be having a book discussion on September 10th at 1 PM about this book.  Come join us for a nice chat!

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