The Son of Neptune: Book Two of the Heroes of Olympus

The exciting second book of the Lost Heroes series, The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan, is finally out and is fabulous.  Percy is back, but not quite as the Percy we all know and love since he  now has amnesia and has no idea about his past.  Percy wanders into a Roman camp unsure of who he is and where he should go.  He joins up with the fifth legion, otherwise known as the misfit group, and soon uses his natural hero essence to change things around for his new friends.  Percy’s memories slowly return as he joins a quest with new heroes Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque.  Which is good, since new threats are starting to surface.  Gaia has started her plan to take back earth and get rid of the humans, so the more heroes the better.

Riordan does such a great job of keeping you enthralled in his books.  It seems the books just keep getting better with new characters  arriving and the plot thickening. This is sure to please his fans and have us all anxious for book three.


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