December Book Discussion

Here are our December Book Discussion:

December 7th (7 PM) Non-Fiction:  The Lady in the Tower:  The Fall of Anne Boleyn by Alison Weir

December 14th (7 PM) Romance:  A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux

December 17th (1 PM) Fiction:  Second Chance by Kate Mathis (Mathis will be joining our discussion.)

December 27th (7 PM) Mystery:  Truth by Peter Temple

MostlyBooks TeenForum on Facebook will be discussion Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Bloody Valentine

Melissa De La Cruz’s enthralling novella Bloody Valentine is exactly what her fans are craving. The novella is broken down into three short stories. The first story examines Oliver and his unique coping methods while Schuyler is in Europe and has no need for her familiar.  And, lets face it, we were all wondering how Oliver was going to move forward after being marked by Schuyler.  The second story is a back-story of Allegra and Charles.  In this tale, we finally learn a little bit more about Schuyler’s human father-yay. And finally, the third part is of Schuyler and Jack’s bonding (or what we would call a wedding), which of course had much more going on than the bonding ceremony since both are still being hunted.

It was great to finally fill in a few blanks that the other books hadn’t fully explained. I was a little nervous that I would get bored or just be left with a feeling of things being unresolved with such a brief look at the characters I have come to love, but De La Cruz didn’t disappoint me, and in fact I loved the stories. We also got to meet Freya from De La Cruz’s newest adult novel The Witches of East End.  It is so much fun having the two series weave in and out of each other, making it all the more fun to read the new series. This book is a must a read for any Blue Blood fan.

Small Business Saturday Wrap-up

This was a crazy, but  great, after Thanksgiving weekend.  Thanks to all of you who came out to support Plaid Friday and Small Business Saturday.  If you still have a few remaining people to buy for this holiday season, stop in and let us help you pick that perfect book or gift item.

Trivia Question

 Somehow the day just slipped away from me, and consequently there will be no trivia question.  Check back next Friday.


Chosen by P. C. Cast and Kristen Cast is the third book in the House of Night series and the story just keeps getting better.  Zoey has just found out that her bestfriend didn’t exactly die like everyone thought.  Instead, Stevie Rae has become an “undead dead” vampire creature who is embracing all of the horrible stereotypes of vampires; such as killing any human she encounters (due to her blood craving), burning up in the sun, being unable to enter a building unless invited inside, etc.  To make things worst, she has a foul odor wafting around her since, after all, she is dead.  Zoey could maybe handle fixing Stevie Rae and keeping her life in order, but then she also has the problem of three boyfriends (one human, one fledgling, and one vampire), and her mentor and surragate mother is the most evil creature she has even encountered.  Needless to say, Zoey is having a hard time keeping it all together.

The Casts authors have created such a vibrant and full personality in Zoey that I just love to read this series.  She is a funny, witty and caring character that instantly draws the reader to her.  The dialogue, as well as inner monologues, is entertaining and often quite funny.  This series has plenty of paranormal excitement as well as the normal teenage drama to keep you fully engaged and craving the next book.


Mockingjay is the third and final installment of Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Game trilogy and it is just as packed with action and page turning suspense as the past two.  A revolution has begun and Katniss is at the center of it, whether she wants to be or not.  Peeta has been captured by the capital and forced to go on the air telling those in the rebellion to give up.  District 13 does exist and people are flocking there to help with the rebellion.  Things are  starting to heat up and Katniss has to find a way to push aside all of her feelings and become the Mockingjay.

Collins has added in interesting new plot twists as well as keeping her characters growing and changing in the final book.  She has introduced us to exciting characters, who for the most part we have loved, and are sad to see the end of the series.  Collins’ writing is great.  You easily get sucked into the story and the descriptions, allowing you to get transported to a new world.  This series would make for an excellent holiday gift for anyone who is 12 or older (including adults who have started reading this for their book clubs).


Here are our bestsellers for the middle of November:

1  Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

2  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

3  Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

4  Damned by Chuck Palahniuk

5  Meow: I Love Cats by Rachel Hale McKenna

6  Wonder Struck by Brian Selznick

7  A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

8  11/22/63 by Stephen King

9  The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory

10  The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson

Shop Small Business Saturday

Saturday November 26th is the annual “Shop Small Business Saturday”.    Support your local bookstore and other local businesses.  Go out on Saturday and shop locally.  In honor of this day, we will be having the following sales:

Buy 2 used hardback books get 1 for free (of equal or lesser value)

Buy 2 of the following used romance series get 1 free (of equal or lesser value)

  • Silhouette Special Editions (SE)
  • Silhouette Romantic Suspense (RS)
  • Super Romance series
  • Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense
  • Love Swept
  • Blaze
  • Desire
  • Temptations
  • Harlequin Intrigue
  • Harlequin Presents
  • American Romance (AR)

Bring the used books you buy back, but give away the free book to a friend.