Before I Fall

Lauren Oliver’s novel Before I Fall is a unique look at death and trying to make the right choices in life.  Sam is one of the popular girls who has always looked down on others deemed unworthy.  She is judgmental and often mean to her classmates, and believes in having a good time.  But all of this changes once she dies.  Now Sam has been given seven chances to relive her last day to help her understand why she died.

Oliver captures the female teen voice perfectly.  She shows with brutal honesty how mean girls can be to each other, but she also shows that people can change.  Sam grows  and learns each time that she relives her last day and becomes almost heroic.  And yes,  I was really hoping for a different ending to her seventh day.   By the end of the novel you’ve gone through so much with Sam that you can’t help but love who she has become.  This was a really good teen read.

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