Triangles by Ellen Hopkins is a story about three women and the triangles of life.  Holly is your average suburban “soccer” mom who suddenly finds herself completely bored with her life, and worst of all, not in love with her husband.  Now she has started a list of things to complete before her fortieth birthday.  Andrea, Holly’s  close friend , is struggling with her problems of being a single mom and trying to raise her teen daughter.  And then there is Marissa, Andrea’s sister, who has the hardest life of all.  Her four year old daughter is dying from a chronic illness, her son has recently told the family that he is gay, and her husband is never home.  All three women struggle with fidelity issues and rasing children, but they discover there are joyous moments in life as well.

This is the first book of Hopkins that I have read, and I knew in advance that she writes all of her novels as poems linking together to form a whole story.  I found this hard to wrap my head around at first, but soon I couldn’t put the book down.  Hopkins’s writing has such precision to it that it continually amazed me at the emotion and detail that was portrayed in a single poem.  As I read each poem I felt like I was reading the women’s personal journals, which I thought gave a more intimate feel to the story.  You really felt like you knew each of the characters on a personal level making it easier to relate to their problems.  I was a bit apprehension at the begin of the book, but I think Hopkins’ writing won me over and I will now have to read her young adult novels.

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