The Lady in the Tower: The Fall of Anne Boleyn

Alison Weir is an amazing historian, and her non-fiction book The Lady in the Tower:  The Fall of Anne Boleyn did not disappoint her avid fans.  This book looks at the the last three months of Queen Anne’s reign, as Weir dives in to see if in fact justice was served, or if King Henry VIII merely wanted to get rid of the annoying queen.  Of course, this answer isn’t exactly answer since many documents have been destroyed or have gone missing leaving us to only speculate on what truly happened.  However, Weir does an incredible job of walking you through each piece of “evidence” that remains of the trial as well as discussing all of the major political players, their letters and testimonies.  Her research is so detailed that you feel like you are looking at the documents with her.

What I love about Weir, is that she flat out tells you when there isn’t enough historical information remaining to drawn an accurate conclusion.  She then goes on to show different possibilities of what may have happened.  As I read, I find myself easily able to trust her research since I know she will tell me when she doesn’t know something.  I also like that she often talks about other historians and other texts and then tells you why what we once believed isn’t true.  If you have Tudor mania like I do and want to get as close to the facts as possible, then an Alison Weir book is perfect for you.


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