Second Chance

Second Chance by Kate Mathis is the latest novel featuring spy Melanie Ward.  After knowing that Melanie was safe, at least for the time, Adam takes off to seek justice on Melanie’s behalf.  As unhappy about this decision as Melanie is, she decides to stop dwelling on Adam and face her problems with Finn and his corrupt family.  And of course, Finn has no plans of letting Melanie live, let alone succeed in his downfall.  As if the constant threat of being attacked by her co-worker isn’t enough of a problem, Melanie reunites with her college sweetheart who just so happens to be  newly divorced.  Now life has really gotten hectic.

This was such a fun read.  All of our favorite characters are back as well as a few new ones, keeping us laughing and wondering what will happen next.   Mathis hit a great balance between the excitement of the spy life as well as the complications of a personal life.  I loved being whisked around the world for an adventure for one day and then dropped back into the real world of family dinners the next.  All and all, this was a great follow up to Living Lies and I can’t wait to see what Mathis has in store for us next.

Stop in the store for an autographed copy.


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