All Cry Chaos

All Cry Chaos is Leonard Rosen’s debut novel featuring Interpol agent Henri Poincare.  A brilliant mathmatician is murdered in his hotel room leaving everyone perplexed and looking for answers.  Poincare takes on the exciting investigations and seems to be making headway in the case, until he is called back to Europe to deal with problems from a former case.  Now Poincare is wondering if the two cases are related.  Follow Henri around the world as he tracks down the ruthless murderer.

If you are looking for a mystery that has an academic side to it, this would be a perfect choice.  Rosen delves into the world of mathematics and science, specifically looking at fractals and the chaos theory, making for an incredible interesting read.  The story also  explores doomsday theories and religious cults, as well as how people deal with loss and revenge.  All in all, it had an unique combinations of topics that some how all come together in the end.  The characters are well developed and it was fun to read a mystery that  had me looking at all of the little details as the story progressed.

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