Death and Judgement

We have said this before, Donna Leon’s novels are terrific and Death and Judgement was no exception.  Someone is killing the businessmen of Venice, and Vice-commissario Guido Brunetti has to find the murderer.  What I loved about this novel was that Brunetti was working on four different murders throughout several months.  It made the story seem more realistic since Brunetti didn’t find the murderer within a few days, but really had to buckle down and piece every detail together.  Luckily he had a little help with this one.  Brunetti started to discuss the cases with his wife, and before long she made a connection that linked all four together.  Leon examined how a Vice-commissario’s, or detective’s, family plays into the investigation.  She specifically focuses on Brunetti’s daughter and wife.  This bit of family drama and family values added just another wonderful layer to the story.  As always, Leon’s characters are so well refined that it is easy to imagine them as real people.  She shows the good sides, as well as the bad sides of the character’s personality, making them become a complete person.  And it wouldn’t be an amazing read without the atmosphere of Venice that Leon creates in her novels.  It is so easy to get whisked off to Italy and submerged into the mystery with her writing.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading her books, do it today.


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